Friday, November 16, 2012

It's okay, we've got a plan

Plan be/have been pregnant/stayed pregnant sometime in the last 2.5 years, naturally.
Plan A...not happening :(

Scratch Plan A!

Plan B*:
#1:  SS will have a SA

#2:  I will have cd3 FSH, TSH, Estradrol, Prolactin (I'm not doing all of the links, you know or look it up, sorry :)
**I'm assuming an appointment to review results**
#3:  HSG...later on down the road, we've got 6 months of BC to get through, remember?

And that's the plan.  Exciting, right? :)  I sure was excited!  So much so that I stayed up until 1am!  Whoops!!  *TGIF*

*note to other TTC-ers:  do not be naive in your Google Images search "Plan B."  It is still in fact, an emergency contraceptive.  Good thing I was in a good mood while looking :)


  1. I hope that the SA comes back with good news!

    Why another 6 months on BC?

    1. Thanks! We've got all our fingers/toes crossed :)
      My OB wants me on BC for 6 months to ensure that my cervix is fully healed after the LEEP (10/29/12) before trying to carry a baby.

  2. Here from ICLW! Good luck with Plan B!

  3. Hoping your Plan B will be the thing that gets you a baby! <3

    Xoxo - Kayla
    ICLW #52

  4. Hey just checking to see what the good news is from your SA. Hope to get the update soon :D

    1. No news so far. We've been so busy lately! We're hoping Thurs., so results next weekish...? I'll be sure to update :)

    2. Ah ok! Well I am hoping that only good news comes your way