Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday Driving

We took a family road trip this weekend, up to Central Oregon where we traded some stuff for a car.  I *heart* Craigslist :)  It was a nice trip.  We got to "check in" to the place we used to live.  I also added a to-do to my list, in that I'd like to take pictures along Hwy 97 and all the cute, little, rundown towns that are along it.  There's just so much "nature vs. nutrue" SS would call it.  We build a barn on top of nature, left it alnoe for years, nature weathered it.  It's beautiful really :) 

Sensi (left) & Berkeley (right)
Here's my boys "crammed" in the back with and R2D2 like a/c unit (no pic of that, sorry).  They fough like teenagers about 3/4 of the way, then finally realized there was room for one on the seat and one on the floor.  Sensi is the baby, and therefore smaller, which equates floor sleeping in Berkeley's world.  Berkeley being the oldest and spoiled-est (whoops! :)

This jack-hole trucker was not Sunday driving.  He actually seemed to be in quite the hurry, riding our arse for miles!  We did loose him some when we reached the first big hill (which, ironically, was a passing lane :)  but he quickly caught back up.  I decided he wanted his picture taken...and that I wanted one of the rides he was hauling in his trailer.  A few nice SUVs and a perfect little '78 Mustang (which I didn't get a good picture of :)  
And there she is.  The beauty of a beast we picked up...Ruby the Subaru-bie!  She's not the greatest, but not the worst.  And she will definately haul those growing boys around better than my tiny Suzuki Esteem! was time for an upgrade I suppose.

I see the OB tomorrow.  SS says that if she doesn't give us the answer we want about the direction we want to go with TTC, then we'll find another Dr.  It's nice to feels supported, even if the finances/insurance have other ides about who I can see :)


  1. OH i love it! I am so super jelly! I want a station wagon specifically a Subaru since,...forever!

    Grr that trucker was so rude! I hate when they get that way.

    PS WOW you must be a craigslist mast'a to have gotten a car for an R2D2!! Good for yoU!

  2. LOL its soo funny that you just referenced this in your latest post and I came here to tell you

    that,.... " I AM SOOOO JELLY!! I have always wanted a Subaru station wagon!"