Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Real Quick Rundown

Wow!  This working, living, holiday traveling stuff is for the birds!  And, oh yeah, I have a blog :)  One I shamelessly hopelessly really wanted people to read... only so that I could abandon them, ha!

So, here's a quick "what we've been up to" post to calm my conscience :)
  • Surprise drive to our parents' houses for Thanksgiving
    • Full gas tank and cancelled parental plans = 12 1/2 hour drive for turkey :) and a visit with family/friends.  I love that we live a drivable distance away, and that our parents live only blocks from each other
    • My MIL knows we'll be pregnant soon, and it will be a girl...that's what she said last year too :)
  • New studded* tires on the Subaru = more travel for the holidays!
  • Fighting some creepy** head cold.  So far I'm winning the fight...bring on the NyQuil & Airborne!
  • cd3 blood work done, SA to come
    • Timing is seeming to be an issue here.  A 45 minute commute from home in a 30 minute time limit will make it interesting for sure.  I have already apologized to SS, and hopefully prepped him for the 'embarassment' that is to come
    • I'm still bruised...6 days later!  I have mean, vindictive veins, who like to roll and jump and not be poked.  And if you get them, they will only trickle blood.  This is going to be a long process :) 
  • ICLW = International Comment Leaving Week (IComLeavWe)
    • I should have done better.  I suck! I'm better at lurking :)  But, it's nice to see all of the support that's out there.  
    • A huge THANK YOU to everyone who read/commented.  I'm far from confident in what I'm doing here, let alone that anyone wants to read it (note sucky performance above). 
*according to SS, these tires are called such not because of the 'stud' that is put into the tire, but because you get so buff from putting the 'studs' in, you yourself become a stud :)
**Slow moving creepy, not like "that's guy's a weird-o" creepy

And (because it's stuck in my head) here is the new household obsession :)  SS wakes up to them every morning lately


  1. I love your post! I am from Oregon also and a Subaru has always been my dream car!

    ew sorry about your cold :C

    1. Thanks! The Subaru is SS's dream car also...this one's actually a little too old for him, but that's just getting into too many miles :)
      We're both OR natives and LOVE it! Portland (I've been lurking...just a little :) is one of our favorite spots. Actually just got bummed we missed the above band last night :(
      Good luck with your to do list!

  2. I have the roll-y veins too - not fun! I've found if I tell the nurse ahead of time, it's not too bad though.

    Thanks for joining my blog - glad to meet you :)