Thursday, July 25, 2013

11 Weeks

**How Far Along:
11+4 weeks

**Size of baby:

**Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:
You can't see it, but she's moving fluidly and gracefully in there.
Her skin is see-through, but she's on her way to looking more like a baby. 
Her fingers and toes aren't webbed anymore. 
Tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds are forming.

She has distinct human characteristics by now, with hands and feet in front of her body, with ears nearly in their final shape, open nasal passages on the tip of her tiny nose, a tongue and palate in the mouth, and visible nipples.

**Total Weight Gain:
3 lbs (I was a little off on my guess @ 10 weeks :)

Is getting better.  Up 3-4 times a night still, and learning to not sleep on my back

Still a bit of morning sickness.  Though I can usually rest (stay in bed) or eat it away.
Sore/sensitive nipples
Back pain
It seems as soon as I drink anything, I have to pee
My legs have started cramping at night, but I can stretch it out
And I passed out at the store the other day (it was VERY hot!)

Still with Honey Nut Cherriors and fruit smoothies.
And I've learned I no longer LOVE it when SS makes fried eggs & potatoes, or teriyaki rice & veggies :(

Still a surprise...

I'm not feeling any, but s/he was doing twists and twirls on the U/S screen :)

**Maternity Clothes:
Stretch pants and workout shorts.  And I think it's time to go shopping

Seeing our LO on Tuesday, just kicking and swimming around ...sadly no camera on the machine = no mommy pic :(
Dr. E was very impressed with both the size/movement of baby, and my bloodwork.  Great news!!
We scheduled our Anatomy scan (though not until 20weeks)

**What I'm looking forward to:
Continuting to watch my belly grow, getting some maternity/new clothes, starting to make announcements

**The belly:

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