Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Stow Away

I spoke in my last post of our AMAZING move across the country to our new found home state of Kentucky, and I will go into travel details (once the computer is fully hooked up and I can transfer pictures).  For today, I have a nice and fun/interesting story to tell about a little stow away we found along the way.

Our second big (longer than a night) stop was Sioux Falls, SD.  While this was not quite the place we expected, I do believe we will always remember it.  I've had back problems ever since I can remember, much attributed to a car accident when I was 9 along with 10 years of dance/drill team.  Traveling will almost always send me into a spasm flare up which will require pharmaceutical intervention.  And this adventure was not an exception, actually it was more of the worst I've had in a while.  Being in a foreign city, I headed to the nearest ER in hopes of some help.  Nothing out of the ordinary, a medical history, when was your last period, might you be pregnant, etc...  Being on a TTC break, we were actually starting to look at other avenues and learning to accept, this was no longer going to be 'easy.'  I laughed when the nurse asked about being pregnant.  I was on cd41, which is not uncommon, my last cycle was 54 days.  "I doubt it!"  And she led me to the restroom for a urine sample to test my kidneys, after which I played on my cell phone while waiting for the doctor.
When he came in, he sat down and we chatted about previous treatments for my back.  After a moment, he sits back and says "Well, your pregnancy test came back positive."

My what?!?  Came back huh?!?

I just sat there in shock.  My back didn't hurt anymore, but I felt a little confused.  Did he have any idea how many months I'd spent peeing on stick after stick after stick, and never seeing two lines?  How much had gone into the emotional trip of the last few weeks while we weighed out our TTC options?  He didn't, and he just sat there all non-chalantly doctor like saying, "Congratulations!"

I waiting for the other tests to come back and got the heck out of there and as quickly to the car as I could where SS was waiting with our fur babies.  His face was sad and upset when I told him they didn't write me any prescriptions..."because, I'm pregnant!" I told him, turning to an instant smile.  We hugged and kissed, and went to the grocery store for a pregnancy test.  Though the paperwork I had left with stated "Pregnancy indicated as incidental finding."  LOL!  Ooops, we found out you were pregnant while we ran our tests.  Haha, it still sounds funny to me.

(6/5/2013 @ Sioux Falls, SD - Red Roof!)
We made an appointment as soon as we got to Kentucky, and had our much awaited first OB appointment June 28th, where we got to see our little bean (@ 7w5d) with a beautiful 150bpm heartbeat.
I can't get over the crazy story we get to tell our little one about finding out we were pregnant, but could not be more happy to have a story to tell! :-)


  1. NO WAY! This is amazing news! And WHAT a story!!

    AHHHHHH I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!! *does a dance!*

    1. My reaction was much of the same :)

      Thanks so much!!