Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Steps

It seems that there's a lot going on, but I don't have much to tell.  I guess it was just a busy weekend.  That spilled over into Monday.  But, after 2 days in the 'spa,' aka the mechanic shop, our beautiful beast of a car is like brand new and we are home.  Except the starter that gave us fits 1/2 way home last night.  Thanks to the random stranger who got our car started and saved us from having to tow her 200 miles home!

We are a little bit closer to Step Five (I've even figured out which it is :)  I called Dr. M's office 1/3/13, leaving a message for her Medical Assistant about what we needed to do next.  Friday, another girl from the office called back and I explained (again!) that I wanted to know if I needed an appointment to see Dr. M or an appointment for an HSG as our next step in fertility testing.  She (I didn't catch/ask for her name) told me that the SA results were in but she didn't think Dr. M had seen them yet...this apparently means I don't get to know, since she reconfirmed the 'normal' cd3 bloodwork but did not share anything about the results from the SA...uhg!.  So...let's go ahead and set up an appointment. The doctor's busy, I'm on call, we're planning a BIG road trip...how about February 20th?  Of course I snatched it up, but now I know I'll still be anxious and nervous for the next 36 days.  It's always a waiting game in TTC, always waiting for something.

And, once again, here is the plan:

Step One:  LEEP (after abnormal PAP; CIN III - high grade cervical dysplasia)
Step Two:  BCP for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months
Step Three:  cd3 blood work  (Dr. M's MA left VM stating "Normal" results)
Step Four:  SA for SS (waiting on results)
Step Five:  Follow-up Appt w/ Dr. M - Feb 20th, 2013Step Six:  HSG

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